Ydanis Rodriguez Rejoining Progressive Caucus; Backs MMV for Speaker

Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez (CD 10, Washington Heights), a former member of the Council’s Progressive Caucus, announced his plan to rejoin the Caucus as a “full member” beginning with the new term in January.

The councilmember, who affirmed his long-time “alignment with the value and vision of the progressive members of the Progressive Caucus,” also proclaimed his total support for the candidacy of CM Melissa Mark-Viverito for the speakership.

Councilmember Rodriguez said that the PC is committed to voting as a bloc for whoever the caucus chooses as the favored speaker candidate, but conceded that the time and method of that election have not yet been determined.  

Asked about the role of the Democratic party leaders in choosing the speaker, the CM said, “at the end of this process the Progressive Caucus will coordinate with the county organizations to elect Melissa Mark-Viverito as the speaker.”